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Month: March 2017

Public Policy Failure – We enjoy the pain

Australia has, to put it bluntly,  a public policy BDSM obsession. We like our public policy to inflict pain on ourselves and others, and when it comes to public policy failure, contemporary Australia is the definitive experience.  If our government was to propose Australian citizens  drop their strides and lower their buttocks over a white hot pointed steel pole, and if the media were to follow up with a vigorous discussion on the relative merits of white, red or blue hot poles, and the degree to which they should be pointy, or of the vast array of aromas searing flesh can produce, it would be perfectly in keeping with what we have.

If there was such a thing as Olympic Gold Medals for national economic self-harm then Australia would be legend. Monty Python at their most biting were nowhere near as grotesque as a nation which has (inter alia):- Continue reading

Sanctimonious windbag’s 1800 word point free immigration chunder

Next populist showdown is all about immigration 
• Paul Kelly, Editor-At-Large
• The Australian
• 12:00AM March 4, 2017

Although normally firmly against putting the contents of the Rupertarian anywhere near anyone’s mind, I find myself again in the position of needing to highlight one of Uncle’s pieces – for the purpose of highlight just how banal they can be. Continue reading

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