We had an A grade example of the type of parallel universe Australia’s mainstream media has descended into late this week.  A completely false story given prominence in the national media by the Australian, which was then picked up by various other of Uncle Rupert’s stable of bullshit sheets, but which sadly even made it beyond that – all without a single shred of fact, and all without anybody in the land of Uncle Rupert or beyond thinking to check, or even think about, the main line of the story being reported.


Better still it shows how easy it may be to get a view into the public domain and have it picked up, with a mobile number, and a basic website splashing about a few logos, to create a Potemkin public ‘movement’.  And from there we can get a sighter into the sort of desperado vested interests who’d go there to try and stoke public opinion.


………The story begins with this piece which was shat into the Rupertarian on Thursday night Continue reading