The SCMP is a great newspaper, and every week it has a host of very good reads. However since early last year its Australia related pieces have become particularly noticeable for a level of condescension. It all boiled over in the SCMPs commentary on last years Bennelong bi-election which became as palsied fact free diatribe as has ever been passed as social commentary.

This weekend it is back again touting Chinese migration to Australia – as it has done a number of times this year – as being a wonderful thing, but not actually questioning what is in it for Australians, and it makes for some entertaining reading if you can get beyond the bouquet of smugness which pervades the entire piece. As with the Australian media there is a certain value in asking what the piece misses out in in terms of its own frame of reference, and posing the question of who is served best by this lacunae. And with this piece you could make a case that Chinese security services would find all the boxes ticked Continue reading