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The Wood, the Trees & the inflationary pressure conundrum at Fairfax

All eyes on inflation next week, but not everything is as it seems…


July 23 2016 – 12:15AM

Jessica Irvine

Not everything is as it seems about Jess Irvine. She does reasonably regularly write quite informed and perceptive articles about a range of socio economic phenomena – notably housing.  She also, however, regularly gets put in the role (often, as here, in the guise of filling in for the more overtly parallel universalism of Gitto) when she simply does not put what one assumes is a decent mind into gear, and serves up a plate full of exhortation and schlock.  Continue reading

Bullshit urged as Foreign buyer property lobby fails to distinguish Australian from Chinese politics


Another day and another serve of property spruiking bilge – once again on Chinese buyers, this time on reputation damage if the China buyer phenomena is questioned much at all.

Caution urged as foreign property investment faces political change

Jul 9, 2016  Emily Power

Prestige reporter



Real estate experts are cautious about the future of Australian foreign investment after the chaos of Brexit, the rise of Pauline Hanson and new tax hikes.

International property experts are cautiously watching the future of Australian foreign investment following the chaos of Brexit, the rise of Pauline Hanson and new tax hikes for overseas buyers.

Hanson and One Nation’s parliamentary allies could threaten international confidence in Aussie bricks and mortar and harm its reputation if their influence was to grow — under any Senate voting bloc with likeminded parties — real estate commentators believe.

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Bullshit, the electorate, and the Age of ‘cynical abuse of trust’

A couple of days after an election which has produced a very tight result we now have Prime Minister Turnbull acknowledging some responsibility for not winning an election he was elevated to the Liberal leadership to deliver.  Key amongst his ideas in an address on Tuesday afternoon was that there had been a ‘cynical abuse of trust’ by the ALP in claiming that the LNP coalition was looking to privatise some or all of Medicare, and that politicians and the media now had to consider the implications of this.


In part he is right.  If the LNP was not planning to privatise anything with Medicare then it could be argued the ALP has ‘cynically abused trust’.  But is he really suggesting that if he went back to his partyroom with an unquestionable parliamentary and senate majority there wouldn’t be any changes to Medicare which would amount to a reduction of it for many Australians?  So how cynical was it?  Was he not ‘cynically abusing trust’ in suggesting the ALP was trying to crash real estate prices by reforming Negative Gearing? For every Torynuff thinking ‘well the ALP was trying to crash real estate prices’ there would be an ALParatchik quite sure that the Torynuffs really do want to do Medicare in.  How about the repeated use of the word ‘war’ by the Treasurer in describing the ALP’s position on jobs? Cynical? Abuse of trust? Or just errant bullshit?  Neither Turnbull nor the Liberal party could honestly claim it was something arising out of only one side of politics.

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A Cabal of Real Estate agents wonders where it is going wrong

A refresh session on the Bullshido of the Real estate lobby never goes astray, and is always informative.  This hot serving came out of the Rupertarian.

Federal election 2016: property chiefs fight negative gearing change



12:00AM JULY 5, 2016

Samantha Hutchinson


The nation’s top property executives will meet this week to consider their next moves in a battle against cuts to negative gearing, including whether to raise more cash for a fighting fund aimed at quashing support for Labor’s controversial plan.

A group of 19 real estate agencies, including Ray White, ­McGrath, LJ Hooker and Raine & Horne, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the campaign called Negative Gearing Affects Everyone in a bid to fight Bill Shorten’s plan to limit gearing to new housing.

You could imagine the mood in that meeting.  Here is a load of mainly men who have spent large sums of money cluttering your letterbox, filling in your radio time with their message, paying the finest shills in the lend to exhort forth from the pages of the Rupertarian and Domainfax about the evils of limiting Negative Gearing to new construction only from mid 2017 – running long on the rising rents or collapsing prices – only to find……

A hung parliament (with half the hang having an openly stated policy of removing Negative Gearing from existing housing from mid 2017). Continue reading

Pascoemeter goes the full Pangloss!

I would love to get some of whatever the Pascoemeter has been on these last few weeks …..

Keep perspective – with our even voting, we are champions! 

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/business/insight/election-2016-keep-perspective–with-our-even-voting-we-are-champions-20160703-gpxsdn.html#ixzz4DQIJ3jzc
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July 4, 2016 – 1:11PM

Michael Pascoe

BusinessDay contributing editor

Hold the political panic.

Weird as it may seem I haven’t actually detected panic stemming from the Federal Election yet, maybe a whiff from business types and bankers (scions of adapatable, brutal competition, reflexive capitalism generally) looking for ‘stability’ (good read on this here over at the Failed Estate  – The Certainty Myth , but the general emotion I am coming across seems to be one of ‘about time’ or ‘serves them all right’ 

Here’s a surprising and rather comforting statistic: if you consider Australia’s modern era started in 1972, we’ve had roughly 22 years of Labor and 22 years of coalition governments.

Note to self, does Pascoemeter think history started when he lost virginity? Or the dawn of the Boomerocracy? If you go back 22 years from 1972 to 1950 we could say Australia’s had 44 years of Liberal/National and 22 of Labor.  If you come forward 22 years to 1994 we could say we’ve had 8 ALP & 15 LNP – all interesting but what is he trying to say?  Is Pascoemeter pinging a dart at a number which makes a point or filling another of his pieces with bullshit? 
Continue reading

The Bullshit Manifesto

The Bullshit Manifesto

What is our policy for the future of Australia – it is bullshit

Australia is a land of bullshit, and better opportunities to bullshit than anywhere else in the world. In Australia people are free to bullshit, happy with their bullshit, and enjoy bullshit rewards better than most of the human race. There has never been a more exciting time to bullshit for Australians, or to bullshit Australians. The bullshit party is the only way to ensure the bullshit continues. Only Bullshit will ensure that tomorrows Australians are bullshitted more than todays. Vote bullshit.

This weekend Australians will vote on the flavour of the bullshit they will experience for the next three years, exhorted by bullshit politicians, representing parties who want to bullshit voters, backed by vested interests and corporates who want to bullshit the electorate about the bullshit they already have or are already doing, or the bullshit they want. It will be brought to the attention of Australians though a bullshit media and press, which although it cannot make a profit, is paid to ensure that the bullshit reaching you is the bullshit that someone feels will benefit their bullshit, deploying the finest bullshit commentators and reporters, and running bullshit analysis to ensure that Australians have access to every last skerrick of bullshit coming their way.

Australia’s institutional framework is a national repository of bullshit, and provides a significant bulwark against anyone seeking change to the way bullshit happens in Australia – from the bullshit of State and Federal politicians and bureaucracies, through to laws and courts which defend the right to bullshit across the breadth of Australian endeavour, with an exactitude which is nothing short of bullshit. It is vital for the bullshit of Australia, that these institutions not only continue to bullshit as they have done, but seek out and engage to further bullshit for future Australians. To lay the foundations of the bullshit of tomorrow, to forecast and shape its form, to allow Australians to choose what bullshit they want, and to bullshit them about how they can achieve that bullshit. This is the promise of bullshit – to take bullshit further, to make bullshit more central, to bring more Australians together around bullshit. Continue reading

Pascoemeter rants Brexit palsy

vis the Brexit weekends Pascoemeter serve…….


The guy has lost it (not that I reckon he ever had it all that much)…..

Brexit: Bugger Britain – it’s the world that counts

Date June 24, 2016 – 5:44PM

I really don’t give a damn about Britain.

So I thought I’d add an opinion piece revolving around it to your day, given that I am particularly knowledgeable about things I don’t give a damn about

It’s of minor importance to Australia, worth only a couple of percentage points of our exports. If the Poms want to shoot themselves in their economic foot by withdrawing from a powerful trade bloc, I don’t care.

What I do care about is filling up my opinion piece with sentiments about places I have told you from the outset I don’t care about Continue reading

Bullshido and Real Estate spruiking in the press – The Chinese Real Estate buyer



Busted: Six myths about Chinese property buyers

May 29, 2016
Christina Zhou
Domain Reporter

Worth noting that Fairfax have in recent weeks shed Michael West and Malcolm Maiden from their ranks, so you would assume that the talent they are keeping on is pretty good.  This piece is worth considering in terms of where Fairfax sees itself, what type of ‘journalism’ it sees worthy of pushing, and of the ‘skill sets’ – which Michael West was told he didn’t have – required.

Chinese buyers have taken centre stage on Australia’s property scene following an exponential surge in real estate investment from offshore markets.

China is by far the biggest foreign buyer of residential and commercial property, proposing $24.3 billion of spend in 2014-15 – more than triple the United States and six times the outlay from Singapore, the Foreign Investment Review Board annual reports shows.

This is a giant leap, considering the value of China’s proposed investment was behind the United States and Singapore in 2011-12 – at just $4.2 billion. Some experts tip India will be the next major player in Australian real estate.

So far, a factual start.  Fits with the headline, and runs over the sudden magnitude of the Chinese buyer in our midst.  For anyone wondering why there is a sudden reference to India in the final sentence of the opening stanza, that is the dog whistle.  It is there to appeal to that part of the readership which will assume that the China buyer issue cannot be changed and that their focus should be on dealing with the rising issue – ie ‘go and head off those Indian buyers’ 
Continue reading

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